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Our Commitment to Quality

Whether you are an employer looking for group benefits, a self-employed entrepreneur, an individual shopping on the Federal Marketplace, 

a senior shopping for Medicare plans or the person fed up with "Obamacare" looking for a better value, Kassel Benefits has the healthcare solution for you.​​  

Their focus is on providing boutique service to the underserved market of 1099 and self-employed business owners with under 50 employees. 

Kassel Benefits is a full service, Independent Health & Life Insurance Broker. If it has to do with your body, they will insure it.  

If it’s home, auto or business insurance you are looking for, they have selected, trusted referral partners they will refer you to.


How We Can Help You

  A medical need can happen when you least expect it. 

Being prepared requires buying insurance before you need it!​

But shopping for health insurance can be very stressful. Call today for a quote; we'll take the task off your plate so you can get back to business.​

We offer benefit packages for employer groups as well as plans for individuals.


Meet the Owner - See the Difference

Kassel Benefits LLC  was established in 2009 by owner Jane Kassel, 

on the foundation to always do what is right, just and fair. In the brand logo, the shield represents protection and the castle is a play on Jane's last name. ​

The Chess piece called the Rook, known as the CASTLE in days past is a symbol of strength and glory. The most well-known castle tower is perhaps, the Tower of London. Having played a prominent role in history, It is renowned for its endurance through time, importance to the people, host of royalty

and landmark of strength.  Welcome to Kassel benefits!

What We Cover


Major Medical Insurance

Alternative Healthcare Programs

Alternative Healthcare Programs

We provide service to Small Business owners looking for an affordable healthcare benefit package for their employees. And also, to individuals who do not get their benefits through an employer. We also serve the Medicare market for those 65 and over 

or those under 65 who are on disability.

Services include Major Medical, Dental, Vision, and other ancillary products as requested. We are contracted with all the major carriers and are great at finding solutions for the tough problems. 


Alternative Healthcare Programs

Alternative Healthcare Programs

Alternative Healthcare Programs

For responsible, health focused individuals who are paying sky high premiums for an insurance plan with little benefit and restrictive networks, a layered strategy leveraging a defined benefit indemnity plan or 

medical cost sharing is the answer! 

If you are part of an Association, we would love to talk to you! We have exclusive benefit packages for members of Associations and Chambers.  

Are you eligible for COBRA or is your COBRA ending? An alternative solution may be a better choice. 

We offer a free consultation to help you decide.


Dental, Vision and More...

Alternative Healthcare Programs

Dental, Vision and More...

Did you know that dental care and eye exams are your first line of defense against serious medical diseases? 

Be sure to get your yearly checkup. Dental and 

Vision Insurance makes it more affordable.


  ID Theft: Arm yourself and your family.

Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year.  IDShield provides privacy and security monitoring, consultation, and comprehensive Identity Restoration.  So, in the unfortunate event something does happen to your identity, you'll have professional help in getting your identity restored to what it was before it occurred.

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